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Markets of Sunshine was started in 2008 as a way for me to cope with having Lyme disease and not being able to leave my home like I used to do. I've always had a creative and giving soul and heart. So it was easy for me to start making beautiful handmade products to sell online as a way to keep my sanity and inspire me to not give up the fight to keep going. It's also a way for me to fund my business since my medical costs have put a strain on our budget.

Our mission is all about reducing our carbon foot-print too. By using Eco-friendly shipping materials are recycled from local businesses. Re-purposing materials from the past and making them into something new for the future is our motto. Taking buttons off old garments and reusing them on a tea wallet is one of the ways we recycle our materials. Taking a vintage hankie and making it into a scarf is yet another way we up-cycle materials.

Whatever inspires you inspires us and we welcome your Custom Requests!

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"These are fantastic!! They will work perfectly for my seed collecting. Thank you for the surprise gift too!! Love it!! Will be back to shop again very soon." :-D
"I received it today. It is even better than I thought. Thanks. I love all the extras!"
"Love these envelopes! They are sturdy and will last a long time. I used to have fabric ones and they were bulky. These are slim and fit nice into my bag, etc."<br /><br />
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After you've made your purchase we send out a Welcome! message. Then we let you know where we are in the process of getting your item to you step by step. You are never in the dark. Then we'll send a final email letting you know your tracking information and when to expect your package to arrive.

We don't stop there. We add a very special gift with each of our orders as part of our VIP customer appreciation program!

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