Organize By Color Code System

Did you know that you could organize your life by color?  It's easy!

Start with what is your favorite color?  You can use combinations of that color in lights, mediums and dark shades to organize any area of your life.

Take our cash envelope system for budgeting.  If you use one color for each category and write that down on a bill tracker sheet you just started organizing your budget by color code.  See how easy it is!

You can mix and match any of our pretty envelopes in our shop and use them for the category you want to stay on budget.

staying on track with your budget, giving a gift for a special occasion, sending a note to the Teacher, mailing a card to a friend, put your bill trakcer inside. Use them in your business to remind you of important tasks on a day to day basis.

The possibilities are endless!  

We invite you to visit our shop, MarketsofSunshine today and pick up a few sets of envelopes for every member of the family.

You can give one to the kids and help them learn how to budget their allowance.

Give one to Dad so he can save for all those special gift giving occasions that come up on him as a Surprise every year!  

Use one for planning a vacation.  Paying off credit card debt.  Giving a cash or gift card in one of our pretty envelopes just made your gift that much nicer.

You can mix and match any of our pretty envelopes in our shop.